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K9 Natural provides nutritionally sound and species appropriate diets to be fed to dogs at any stages of life varied through the correct corresponding portions from puppies to seniors, during pregnancy and lactation. It is also suitable for any breed from toy to giant. K9 Natural diets for dogs is made with 90% meat plus 5% fruit and vegetables and 5% egg and green lipped mussel to ensure dogs have all they need to thrive.

 These benefits include:

    • High palatability for picky dogs being an instinctive diet choice

    • Anti-inflammatory benefits including skin allergies and joint health

    • Coat condition

    • Energy levels

    • Higher immunity and resilience to a range of health issues

    • Well-functioning digestion seen in smaller healthier stools

    • Hydration satisfied through eating rather than solely drinking retrospectively

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items