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The BOB Pet Bowl is more than just a pet bowl. It's designed with both the urban pet owner and the urban pet in mind. A pet bowl that is ergonomic, fun, and friendly not just to the pet, but to  the environment as well.

Material. The BOB Pet Bowl is made from food-grade Polypropylene, a material that is highly resistant to acids, chemicals and heat. It is the very same material that food containers and bottles that we eat and drink from is made of. Your pet is safe from harmful carcinogens or hormone-altering chemicals leaking into its food or water with the BOB Pet Bowl.
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    An ergonomic pet bowl specially designed for the Urban Pet. 2-in-1 food & water bowl means your pet only needs one bowl, and saves space in the modern urban home. And we've raised the height so your pet can eat from a more comfortable posture. 

    $ 21.29
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