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Kitty's Crumble is as simple to use as a conventional litter, but has the superior benefit of being reusable for the garden or compost. 

Kitty's Crumble is a registered trademark of Galuku International Pty Ltd.

Galuku, the world leader in coir media, has been setting the standard for commercial quality coir (coco) products since 1992.

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    $ 14.45 In Stock

    Kitty’s Crumble All Natural Coconut Husk Cat Litter is super absorbent with amazing, unbeatable odor elimination. Made of coconut husk (coir), a 100 percent organic, renewable and sustainable resource, Kitty’s Crumble contains no chemicals, silica dust or fragrances. It is pet safe and has a soft, earth-like texture that cats instinctually prefer. 

    $ 14.45
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item